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Most folks doing beach weddings like to keep it casual, so we created a wonderful program called Photo Buddy! We ask local photography students to come and work as interns, and they get real-world experience for their studies. We also have some new grads breaking into the business for the first time.

I preview each Photo Buddy’s work before they start with me, and I personally direct photo shoots that I officiate so you know you’re getting quality pictures!


Video Buddy’s are also available for the same low price! This includes a superior quality video production student or new professional to take casual video during your ceremony and candid bits after. Finally, we do some basic edits and add canned music (or your music for a tiny fee) then we burn the video to a CD or DVD for you !!

Your Photo Buddy and Video Buddy is skilled in Photoshop and digital album creation. Talk to them about making your wedding media even MORE spectacular!!

These packages do not include reception photos/videos … please ask us for prices if you wish to have your reception photographed (either still or video).

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